1711 Coffee - Green Roasted Coffee Beans

!n 1711 coffee was first exported from Indonesia by the Dutch. Since then, through many trials and tribulations, Indonesia has proven to produce some the of the richest coffee in the world. It is our vision to share this great coffee.

In every cup of 1711 Coffee is a commitment. Coffee production takes hard work, and a lot of it. But the amazing aromas and bouquets of our coffee are the fruits of our painstaking commitment to consistency and quality. It is a passion not just a job, we are in this business because we love great coffee.

We make a commitment towards a richer life, for you, and for all those involved in making it possible. Though we are not yet fair trade certified, we are driven to to improve the lives of the farmers and their communities. Without them we would not be able to offer 1711 Coffee to you.

Manik Liu Coffee Farmer Holding Sprout Plants

One of 1711 Coffee’s main missions is to enrich our farmers lives by providing education and support to the highest of our ability. They enrich our lives with great coffee, and we in turn enrich their lives and their future generations to follow. In fact, we consider it paramount to the success of our company.

Following nature as a guide, the Civet knows its coffee. To the Civet, known for producing Kopi Luwak, coffee beans are a delicacy, and it chooses them very selectively. Our farmers, with generations of experience, only select pick, ensuring only the fully mature, healthiest beans go into our coffee.

We provide a breadth of coffee knowledge on this site. We believe a knowledgeable coffee drinker is more apt to understand the qualities and amount of work we put into 1711 Coffee, and enjoy it that much more.

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1711 Coffee

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